ajay round

Ajay Uppaluri

Ajay Uppaluri is a dynamic and inspirational student leader.  He is an articulate speaker on a variety of current and trending topics relevant to students.  Ajay is currently in 12th grade and is the Head Boy of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad.  Prior to this, he was the Deputy Head Boy of the school, while he was in 10th grade. Ajay has participated, conducted and led several Model UN conferences and similar inter-collegiate events. He has won numerous accolades and awards for the school in a variety of debate competitions. Ajay enjoys coaching and mentoring junior students. He is also a vivacious drummer and a founding team member of the school band. He is committed to the cause of eliminating child labor.

Ajay has been recognized as a “rare” student, with a combination of exceptional academic performance and many talents. His “can do” spirit and curiosity to learn has driven him to hone his skills across a wide variety of areas – Academic, Debating, Public speaking, Model UN, etc. He is a natural leader with an innate capability to work across his peer groups and teachers. He’s warm, easy to approach, does not take himself too seriously and is always willing to help. He is witty, spreading fun and joy to the people around him. He enjoys running and composing music in leisure.

anvitha round

Anvitha Reddy

Hey there! My name is Anvitha Reddy and I'm a senior studying at the International School of Hyderabad. I don't know how to introduce myself in a short paragraph but one word that would make me an instant fan of you would be Books. Story books, not text books. As an avid reader, I'd like to say that you'd find my head buried in a novel but sadly, IB doesn't allow me to do that as much as I'd like to. Apart from reading I love listening to music, watching movies and going for long walks. Cliche I know, but that's just how it goes. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

arundhati round

Arundhati Iyer

My name is Arundhati Iyer and I’m a junior in the IB Diploma Program at Oakridge International School. As an avid sports player, despite my love for all sports, I'm most passionate about basketball and swimming. The seemingly contradictory nature of these two sports, one being a team sport and the other a more solitary one, has helped me learn to collaborate and introspect. As a musician and having played the guitar for many years and being trained in the Indian classical arts, I enjoy listening to a diverse range of musical genres. My amateur efforts into art and photography give me an outlet to express myself and unwind. During the little free time I manage to find while navigating the challenging world of IB, I find myself watching re-runs of Seinfeld and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, paging through the latest book on my reading list, or hanging out with my friends. With my fascination for the sciences and a curiosity to learn new things, I am interested in pursuing a career in science or more specifically medicine. I hope to connect this to one of my deepest passions in life which involve issues of social justice, and I hope to work in a field that helps make this dream a reality.

seerat round

Seerat Bagga

Hi! My name is Seerat Bagga and I’m currently a junior at the International School of Hyderabad. I’m studying English, Biology, and Psychology at a higher level in the IB, and can be found either correcting your form if you’re weightlifting or ranting about the nuisances and shortcomings of capitalism. I’m most likely oogling at a cute cat though.

I have a passion for anything to do with psychology, philosophy and politics. My love for bubble tea and Olympic lifting (in that order) is unrivalled. You can hope to find my nose buried in either a research paper about muscle groups, or a classic American lit novel from the 1920s. I am also a budding CrossFit trainer, and one day hope to change lives by coaching and teaching sports.

I can’t wait to talk to you about a philosophical theory from the 1950’s I stumbled across, and how it wildly changed my views about our world!

krithi round

Krithi Nalla

Hi, my name is Krithi Nalla, and I have a driving passion for the arts and the impact it creates.

I have fallen in love with art the day I learnt that it could perceived in a million different ways. Although I'm only 17, being able to view these alternatives has changed my life in making a dull grey frame into a vibrant colourful world of possibilities, and that is what I plan on sharing with everyone.

I've been exercising my passions  in the form of photography, wall painting, fashion and graphic designing and many more from a young age and haven't stopped since. Recently I've begun to inculcate art in every obstacle I face which made it all the more interesting to tackle it.

I see my future at the cross roads of art and entrepreneurship and hope to pursue product designing. Currently tackling and managing a startup and an NGO are some of my dreams come true. In the midst of all these I still manage to find time to binge watch GOT and B99.

tejaswi round

Tejaswi Polimetla

My name is Tejaswi Polimetla, and I’m currently a sophomore in the IB Middle Years Program at Oakridge International School. As an avid art and physics enthusiast, you can usually find me hovered over a canvas covered in paint, or reading up on the latest advancements in the field of physics. I also attempt to share my love for these two things on my YouTube channel through speed painting videos and physics videos. As a student, education plays a big role in my life, and after being a part of various education systems both in India and the United States, I’ve learnt a thing or two about taking control of my education. After much research and experimentation, I have arrived at the hackschooler’s mindset. When I’m not geeking out about physics and art, or trying to optimize my education, you can usually find me playing chess, watching a cheesy romcom or playing the ukulele.

yagna round

Yagna Sreeramaneni

Yagna Sreeramaneni is a senior at International School of Hyderabad, studying Math, Physics and Econ at a the higher level in IB. When she’s not busy correcting the spelling of her last name, you can find her pretending to study while scrolling through memes on insta. She is a part of student council, the basketball team, the literacy club and tries to get in as much volunteer work as IB permits.  She enjoys spending time with her friends, indulging in a good book, good music or literally any show (regardless of the language and genre). She is really looking forward to the TEDx event.